Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Christmas Photo Shoot!

So a few weeks ago, me and my family went out for this photo shoot so we could have some pictures for our Christmas card.  It was quite crazy because with all of us going different directions all the time, we couldn't find a time to fit it in.  So their was one Sunday afternoon that we had exactly an hour between driving to the park, and pulling off taking pictures, before it got dark.  No one in the family seemed to concerned with our time frame but myself.  I was barking out orders, meanwhile all my kids were goofing off having a good time.  This was not a time for them to have a good time.  We needed to get pictures taken and quickly!!!!!!  Suddenly I had to just relax, and let them be themselves.  I do have three children who just love to have a good time, and they really all do enjoy each other.  So out the door with the perfect pictures, and instead I got some pictures of all of them being themself!  I guess that is what I go for as a photographer anyways.  I just have to learn to not plan everything out so much in my head before a photo shoot, and just go with the flow!

Alisha's boyfriend Josh was with us also.  He is a big help when I need to be in a picture.  I get everything set up, give him a few tips, and I let him take tons of shots. 


Corinne said...

Always love looking at your great pics! Such a beautiful family !

Life with Kaishon said...

You are a great Mom! And a wonderful photographer. Holy WOW! I love your pictures. And also, you look SO young. I can not believe you have a teenager! WOW! : )