Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Is On It's Way!

So we got our Christmas decorations up last week, and I'm finally getting around to posting some things.  Here is Andrew helping daddy with the outside lights.  Or ast least he thinks he is helping.  Usually he slows us down when he wants to help, but one day he will be able to really help us doing things, and hopefully he will still having the willingness to do so. 

Every year everyone gets a new ornament.  I like to pick something that is fitting for my kids at the time.  I got Andrew a firetruck because he talks about firetrucks at least a few times a day.  Megan lately has been into shopping.  She is turning into a real girly, girl.  I also got Alisha an ormanent with a girl sking.  Alisha and her boyfriend are planning on doing a lot of snowboarding this winter, so I thought it was fitting for her.  I also got her boyfriend an ornament with a boy sking.  Cain got a santa clause on the beach building a sand man.  Every year I get Cain one with santa clause because that was one of the first things he became obsessed with at Christmas time when we were first married.

We got out the nativity set from Kyrgyzstan.  My daughter got this when she was over there on her mission trip.  It was so great to pull that out this year and tell Andrew about it. It has Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a camel, and the Yurt.  Alisha bought this from kids in one of the orphanages, who make these, along with other things to keep the orphanage running.  I love it because it is safe for my son to play with, and he loves it!

Andrew has become obsessed about the tree and the ornaments on them.  I had to move all his favorites to the top of the tree to prevent him from grabbing them off.  He had a meltdown when he realized he couldn't get his firetruck off of the tree anymore, but he is now onto the train that my mom gave us to put under the tree.  Andrew turns it on all the time, and he gets all the way down on the ground and just watches it.  He will ask me several times a day to do the same.  So we just lay there and watch the train go round and round. 


Hilary Marquis said...


What wonderful pictures!!! I want you to come to NE and do a photo shoot for me ;) I love the shot of Andrew watching the train. Tyler has a very LONG train phase so, it brings back fond memories. Thanks for the Christmas card it was great!

Life with Kaishon said...

I can't click away from your blog! Have I never met you before? I don't know how this could be! What a delightful family! It made my day to meet you in blog land today : ) Merry, Merry Christmas! : )