Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Birthday Present To Myself!

So I told my family that the only thing I wanted for my birthday this year was to have some family pictures done, along with capturing my pregnancy!  I also wanted to update some pictures of my kids on my wall.  I promised myself that I would get at least one professional good picture of my kids each year, no matter how busy I got with my photography!  So these are the request that I had on my actual birthday, and everyone cooperated, and Alisha even requested off work to make it happen.  Alisha's boyfriend was a big part in making this happen.  I would set up the camera and then he would snap away for me.  Alisha gets credit for the pictures of me by myself, and then I took all the others that I was not in.  I was so excited because these pictures turned out perfect, and the colors on Oct. 30th were still amazing and we had a beautiful sunny day!  It was a little cold, but the kids did a great job of not showing it in the pictures.  

These pictures will also be used for our Christmas card this year!  

Alisha and her boyfriend!

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