Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Megan's bon fire and Birthday fun with the family!

I learned a lot about 10 year olds from Megan's birthday party. First of all they don't like bon fires a whole lot. They are much more into running around, rather then sitting and enjoying a fire. That's fine, except for the fact that I burned my hair on the side of my head trying to get a few hot dogs that were propped up with a rock on the stick that was sitting to close to the fire. I was handling the situation pretty good until I had a few kids say, "oh my your hair looks bad"! I suddenly found myself throwing the already burnt hot dogs down and running into the house to see my hair. I put water on my hair and it wouldn't calm down. So maybe the bon fire wasn't such a good idea. The second thing that I realized is that boys and girls still act weird to one another at this age. Not to many boys came and the ones that did, didn't want much to do with the girls. However the rest of the night was good, and I think the kids enjoyed all our games in the dark outside. That I couldn't get pictures of, but I think we did create some memories that Megan will remember.

Megan with a few of her friends!

Andrew getting his turn at the pinata!

We were playing ghost in the grave yard outside in the dark, and the base was the garage. The kids would hide in there for a minute and when the door went up this is what they would do to get out first!

We also had a party for both of my girls last weekend. My girls had the same due date when I was pregnant, but they were born a week apart, but it just makes it easier to have a party with the family for them at the same time. Here are some pictures of the fun event!
Andrew is finding out that it is fun when mommy makes the cakes for her kids birthdays!

Andrew with Grandpa Stahnke. Andrew will bring anyone who will read to him a book!

Alisha with Uncle Ryan. You can tell they are from the same family!

Megan's way of thanking Uncle Ryan for coming to her party!

This is usually how I find my husband at most parties!

Lanny getting some use out of our second high chair!

Happy Birthday Girls!

Kylee enjoying one of Andrew's books!

Everyone gave Alisha money for her birthday because she is saving up for a lap top. I took the liberty to wrap her money in weird ways, one of which was hiding the money in used socks! She thought I went crazy!

I also had a little fun with Megna's gift. I made her go on a scavenger hunt through the house which eventually led to her present. She got a Nintendo DS lite. She has been asking for one of these since last year!

Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Chrissy clapping with Andrew!

Andrew sitting on Uncle Tyson and Aunt Cathy's lap! They need practice because they are expecting their first child in the spring and it's a girl!

This is my, I'm running around but I'll fake smile for a picture face!

My mom and dad enjoying the party!

Cain's mom and dad enjoying the party! Also, I love the new hair cut mom!

We have some other crazy events coming up. Andrew is having surgery this Thursday, so we will let everyone know about that later. Also my daughter Alisha's volleyball team is only 2 games away from going to state. They have won their suburban league, and districts! They are ranked number one in division one in Ohio! What a great honor for her to be part of this great team! They play this Thursday, and Saturday, and if they win both games they are going to states the next week! I'll keep everyone posted!

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