Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alisha's Volleyball Highlights!

Our Alisha's volleyball season is now over, but I waited till the end of the season to post all the pictures. I made the slideshow awhile ago and it only includes her first few games, but it was a great season and she did great! Alisha played for JV and Varsity both this year. It made for a long evening at times. I made a shirt for Andrew that said "Alisha's littlest fan" and one for Megan that said "Alisha's biggest fan". They wore their shirts to most of the games. Andrew did pretty good going to the games, but I fear for next year, because he seems less interested in sitting in his stroller everyday. Alisha's varsity team was only one game away from state, and it was a close game. This was the farthest that any volleyball team has gone in the history of her school, so it was something to be proud of. They will have two banners hanging in the school that my daughter can say she had something to do with. I can't wait to see what next year will bring!

Disclamer: I didn't take all of the pictures in this video. A father to one of the girls on my daughters team has made it a hobby to get great shots of the girls! I'm thankful for all the great pictures that he has captured!

My friend Mary and her girls made it to the Breast Cancer Awarness Volleyball Game.

Our friends Kim and Tim and their son Matthew also came to one of Megan's games. Here is a picture of Andrew with his friend Matthew walking the halls trying to pass time!

We want snacks!

This is after the girls won districts!

One proud little brother!

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The Lehrs said...

Way to go Alisha!!! You definitely are an all-star!! I am so impressed with you and the season you enjoyed with your teammates. Kim, you got some amazing photos - great video! -T,K,&M :)