Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving Blessings!

I was so excited to spend Thanksgiving this year with my son. We were making our travel arrangements at this time last year knowing we were going to get on a plane in December to go get him. I wanted to make sure that I took time this Thanksgiving to just reflect on what God has done for me, and every time I did I got chills that came over me. First of all I'm thankful that I was raised in a wonderful Christian home. If it wasn't for that, I may not know the Lord like I do today. I'm also thankful for my wonderful husband who shares my values and is my best friend and a wonderful father. I'm thankful for my three loving, healthy children. They are all unique in their own ways and for that it makes life exciting! I'm also thankful that we got our Andrew home so quickly, and that he has overcome all his health issues along with adoption issues. He is doing better then I could have ever imagined and he has become the perfect fit for our family! It's amazing how God has hand chosen our children long before we know them and once they are there with you, you wonder how you could ever of worried about it. Andrew was hand chosen by God and I'm thankful he brought him to us. If there is anyone who is reading this and doesn't have a personal relationship with God, especially those who are going through an adoption, I encourage you to do that. Without God I could of never made it through the challenges in my life, especially through our adoption process. We saw God's handy work in every step of our adoption, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

We visited my mother and father in law last week, and me and my mom realized that we had similar hats that we both just bought! You have great taste mom!

Me and Andrew got to have a Thanksgiving feast at Megan's school on Tuesday. My mom works at the school so she also joined us for some good fixings.

We had Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's house on Wednesday so that we all wouldn't have to eat turkey twice in one day! What a great meal it was mom!

Andrew is getting the hang of this Thanksgiving thing!

Andrew and Alisha with their cousin Kylee!

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year with Cain's family. Here is a family picture on Andrew's first Thanksgiving!

The Feast!

My three big blessings!

This is how we burn off the thanksgiving fixens!

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The Lehrs said...

Hey Kim! Love the new festive blog background! So glad you enjoyed your first thanksgiving with Andrew! Sending you each a thanksgiving hug!!! I'll be in touch soon. -K