Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Family Halloween Fun!

Family Update:
What a difference a day makes! Andrew was feeling much more himself yesterday. He was still having some pain but overall he is doing great. He does having some healing to do however, and I pray everything heals the way it is suppose to. We have an appointment with the urologist next week, and I hope that his reports will be good! Megan is feeling much better as well. She must of gotten some kind of 24 hour flu bug. Alisha however wasn't feeling to good yesterday, but now she is also feeling better. We did make it trick or treating yesterday, since Andrew was feeling better! He just sat in the wagon and held on to one piece of candy the entire time, watching others fill his bucket. We did stop for a visit to Grandma's, and got pictures with some of his cousins. Then we went by my brothers house for a quick visit to see my nieces. It was a great first Halloween with Andrew! After trick or treat, Cain stayed home with Andrew, and Megan and I went to a Halloween party. It was nice to have a girls night out! On a different note Alisha had her last Regional game tonight and they lost. It was a close game the entire time, and we were disappointed that they were just a few points away from States, but it was a great season and we still have one more year, so the games are not over yet! Alisha we were so proud of you for the progress you have made in the last years! You are our number one athlete!
I decided to get Andrew's pictures done in his costume to help capture his first Halloween as a monkey. This is our last child and I want to capture all of Andrew's first as much as possible.

We decided to take the kids to boo at the zoo last Sunday, just in case Andrew wasn't up for trick or treat after his surgery! Here are the pictures from that fun evening.

I told Andrew to put his candy away that he was holding, and he went to hide it behind his back! He is already being sneaky!

We didn't know that uncle Ryan was going to be at boo at the zoo also!

We thought Andrew would love the train and he started off very happy!

As soon as the train started to move away, Andrew started to panic. I don't think he liked the feeling that he was leaving us even though he was with his sister. We won't do that again!

This is Megan's favorite part of carving the pumpkin! We tried to get Andrew to put his hand in there, but he would have nothing to do with it.

Wow! Alisha really gets into this!

Here is Andrew doing his monkey! He would do it better for me but I'm never quick enough with the camera!
This was the fun party me and Megan went to. There was a DJ and the kids had a blast. I was caught jumping around with the girls a few times myself!

This is me with some of my girls from our Bible Study. They have all been such a blessing to me!

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