Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun Family Time!

Life here at the Stahnke house has been very calm and I like it. Alisha's volleyball season is over, and she is now looking for a job but for now she is home almost every evening and I like it. We are having family dinners every night and Andrew just makes us laugh our butts off.

Andrew had his follow up appointment with the urologist last week, and he said that everything is fine and Andrew has healed nicely from surgery. We also have a follow up with the ENT in two weeks, and they will be doing another hearing test. I pray that his hearing will be better now. We have been still doing speech therapy with Andrew, and we haven't seen much improvement yet. I'm hoping that with the tubes in his ears now that we will see some improvement with his speech. He understands everything I say, and he is learning new signs all the time to help with his communication. We also have Help Me Grow come out every month (this is a free program in Ohio) and they check Andrew's development to make sure that he isn't falling behind in any other area. I suggest this for any other adopted parents out there that have a program like this in there area. The great thing with Help Me Grow is when Andrew's speech was falling behind they were aware of it right away, and they had his speech more thoroughly tested. At that point we qualified for his speech therapy also a free program through the state.

This is a lake that is walking distance from our house!

Fun at the park!

My three kids acting crazy!

Oh, feel the love!

Grandpa will be proud Andrew!

Kim, I finally got batteries in this toy that I got from the kiddie sale, and Andrew loves it!

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