Monday, May 11, 2009

A Famiy Update for Alisha!

Alisha we all miss you very much, and can't wait to hear of all the exciting stories of Kyrgyzstan. I think poor Andrew is very confused about where you are. In fact a little while ago I heard your stereo on in your room, and I went in there quite confused on why it would be on since you were not home, and guess who I found in there? Andrew, and he was dancing away. I think he misses running into your room and saying hi to you, along with touching your stereo and dancing to whatever music that is going on at the time. Here is a little video that Andrew made for you. He has been quite the interesting thing since you left. On Saturday I laid him down for his nap, but he didn't seem to want to stay asleep every time I laid him in the crib. So I finally decided to let him cry for awhile. I then went down stairs to do some laundry. The weird thing was the crying kept getting louder and louder. To my amazement Andrew was down stairs in the basement with me. He managed to get out of his crib, open the bedroom door, and come down two flights of stairs. I put him back in the bed, and he kept getting out and coming out of his room. Needless to say, I gave up on the nap, and waited until a few hours later and then he went right to sleep. Today I got the door knob safety things, so he can't open certain doors, since he has been breaking out of the house, and his room. I may have him in his toddler bed before you get home if he keeps up what he is doing. I'm not ready for this, but there is no stopping it! Anyways, just a quick update on the craziness at your house. I'm sure your missing the fun!


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Hilary Marquis said...

Oh boy does that sound familiar...Anara decided to scale her crib when Tim was out of town! My brother had to come to my house at 9pm and dismantle the crib and drag the toddler bed up from the basement! I was terrified that next time she'd not get out so gracefully and break her head, arm, leg...