Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Highlights from Alisha's Trip to Kyrgyzstan!

Here is some of my favorite pictures of Alisha's trip. I don't think she would mind that I'm posting them on my blog. It means so much to me that she was able to go over there and bring some joy to some children's lives. I also think it is amazing that my daughter was able to experience her brother's birth country's culture. I'm sure she will have so much to tell him one day.

Alisha with some of the ladies at the elderly home.

Alisha doing crafts with the kids from a local village!

Alisha with some of her new friends from the village!

Craft Planes the boys from the village made

Alisha brought soccer balls for all the families!

Alisha's second day with the kids in the village!

Alisha having fun dancing with the kids!

Alisha holding one of the kids from the village!

The older lady of the village, asked Alisha to put on her clothes. No one really knew what this meant but it made for a great picture!

Alisha visited this home that is for kids that our found on the streets. Sometimes they have up to 50 kids. It was very clean and well taken care of she said. She didn't have anything for them when she visited, but she knew she needed to come back to visit again. On her last day she was able to bring a ton of toys, are supplies, and things for them to do. Here are some pictures of it.

Some of the supplies that Alisha brought for the kids.

Alisha brought stuff to give all the girls manicures! The girls just loved it!

This little girl was so proud of her nails!

Alisha visited the Tokmok baby orphanage and brought them diapers and clothes. She also visited the Tokmok Orphanage for the older kids, and she brought them a bunch of art supplies that they were needing. Here is picture of her working with one of the kids on his picture!

Alisha with the Tokmok kids!

Alisha also had the opportunity to visit her brother's orphanage in Bishkek. It was such a blessing that she was able to experience that while she was there. She took them over $100 worth of diapers, yogurt for all the kids, and clothes galore. Here is a picture with some of the donations outside the orphanage.

Here is Alisha showing Andrew's Dr. from the orphanage pictures of him and how he has grown up. The smile on her face is priceless. When we got Andrew she was quite concerned because he was very, very sick. She actually wanted us to leave him there for another day, but we were to nervous to do that, so we insisted that we take him that day. I'm sure she always wandered what happened to him, and now she knows he is healthy and fine.

Alisha showing off more pictures of her brother!

Here is a picture with many of Andrews workers from the orphanage. This picture is priceless to me!


Maria said...

I haven't forgotten about sending you what we talked about. I will get it out this week as soon as I get paid. :-) Adoption loan due this past week drained me. I am so glad A has made it home safely!! It looks like she had a wonderful experience!! There is a photo of her holding a little girl who is eating something that reminds me so much of E. I'm quite nostaligic for Kyrg right now because this is the time we were there a year ago meeting The Princess. It's an experience and a trip we will never forget. I hope one day E. can go back too!!

The Lehrs said...

Amazing pictures, beautiful faces, and hopefully an impact that reaches into eternity! So glad that Alisha could experience Kyrgyzstan in such depth. I can't wait to get together to see and hear more!