Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend!

Well the weather here in Ohio was gorgeous for Memorial Day weekend, and we took good advantage of it each and every day. We spent most of our time outside, and Andrew has been sleeping better then ever, which means I'm happier then ever! Here are a few of the things we did.

I gave Alisha some money to buy some things for me while she was in Kyrgyzstan. Here is a picture of four pairs of slippers that she got! We took this picture around midnight or later the night she came home. Better to have a picture of our feet then our tired faces!

This is Andrew not able to get enough of his sister the day after she got home. She got home late so he wasn't able to see her that evening. He was so happy to have her home again!

Some fun in the sun!

This weekend we went to our families favorite park, Hinckley Lake! We grabbed some pizza and off to the park we went.

Andrew was such a big boy and eat at the picnic table without any kind of booster seat. He couldn't quite reach his food, so I helped, but I suddenly realized how big my boy is getting!

So we decided to take a walk on one of the hiking paths, and we let Andrew walk on his own. He had a blast. In this picture Andrew was hopping on Megan's back for a piggy back ride. Then as we were walking we found a bench that Cain proposed to me on. We had Megan take a picture of us.

On Memorial Day we went to a birthday party for my nephew. I didn't get to many pictures at the party because I was spending most of my time chasing Andrew. Oh what fun!!!

Later that night on Memorial Day, we had a bon fire at home with just the kids. Andrew got to experience his first smore. He was mess when it was all said and done but he enjoyed it!

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