Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Fourth of July Festivities!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend! Andrew did great, even though he got to bed late 2 nights in a row. Andrew has been really afraid of things lately, and I was concerned that he may cry when he saw the fireworks. So the day that we were going to go see them, I started telling him about it starting that morning. I kept telling him that they would be loud and they would go bang, bang. So me and him kept doing that together all day long. Well when the time came, he got really excited, and then the next thing I knew he fell asleep. So I guess he wasn't scared. Then the following night we went again to see fireworks, and again he fell asleep. I guess they were not exciting enough to keep him from his bedtime. However, for whatever reason, Andrew has been sleeping in until 8am since then, and he is usually up around 6:30 every morning. I'm thinking we should take him out late at night more often, if that means he will start sleeping in, in the mornings.

We enjoyed July 3rd at some friends house. Andrew particularly loved the go-kart. Cars is his most favorite things these days. Some mornings he wakes up saying car!

On July 4th we headed over to my brother's house who had around 70 people there. We only lost Andrew once. Anyways, Andrew wanted to keep up with the big kids, and this got him into trouble most of the time.Fun time with family!

Andrew with Grandma Johnson!

Then later that night we headed over to spend some time with Cain's family! Here's grandpa playing with Andrew!

Grandma and Andrew!

This is what Andrew did when he got by the bonfire! He didn't like it to much!

Happy Fourth of July my little Andrew. I'm so glad I can celebrate this with you, and the fact that you are an American!!!

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