Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Overdue Andrew Update!

So I haven't written a post in quite some time updating on Andrew, so I thought it was time.

Medical: First of all let me just say that my little Andrew has come a long way since we have adopted him. We have had many Dr. appointments lately just following up on everything. First we had an appointment with the urilogist. He had to check things back from his surgery in October, and he said everything looked great. So yeah! We don't need to go back there anymore. Then we had an appointment for another echo no Andrew's heart for his VSD. I got the most amazing report on that. The hole is completely closed now!!!!! The VSD was the biggest concern of ours when we adopted Andrew, so the fact that it has closed up now, is like a miracle to me. The tech told me that the hole from VSDs usually doesn't close so quickly, and she was even quite amazed. I just know it is God's hand upon my son!!!! Well then last week we had anothe follow up with the craniofacial team for his bifid uvula. We first saw the speech therapist, and she evaluated Andrew (now keep in mind Andrew has been going to speech therapy every week, for about a year now). The Speech therapist from the craniofacial team said that she wasn't pleased with Andrew's progress. At first I was quite offended, because Andrew has been talking a ton, and I think he has made huge progress. So I had to make the therapist explain. She then explained that he has made progress compared to himself, but compared to a child his age, he is still behind. Well then the therapist continued to check things, and the she came across a discovery. Andrew also has a submucous cleft. My heart dropped when I heard that, because I know a little girl who has the same problem and she has had 2 surgeries for it. The therapist wanted to have the surgeon do surgery soon on Andrew, but she said he will not operate until he is three. So for now I was told to keep doing everything we are doing, and I have to take Andrew back when he is 3. Later the surgeon examined Andrew and he confirmed the submucous cleft. For those who don't know what a submucous cleft is, it will cuase Andrew to have difficult making any sounds that goes through his nose. That explains why is B's are coming out as M's. So for now we will continue with Andrew's speech therapy every week, and we will pray that God can help him in ways that not even the surgeon can.

Potty Training: On a good note, my Andrew is pretty much potty trained. He has been wearing big boy underwear this week, even at night, and just a few accidents to speak of. I was seriously going to wait till he was three to start the potty training, but out of no where he became interested in it, and you can't discourage that. He started back in May, and I think that is pretty darn good for a little boy who just turned two.

Personality: Andrew has the most wonderful personality. He is always making us laugh, and the biggest comment I get from everyone is how happy he is. The new thing that has been weird is that Andrew has been getting more shy with people, and for anyone who knows my Andrew knows that, that is odd. I personally think it is a sign that he has bonded. He hides behind me and looks to me for reassurance that someone is okay. Andrew has also been having melt downs when I leave the house, and he has never done that before. It makes me feel good, even though he is so upset. My Andrew is also very smart. He blows me away everyday with what he knows and what he understands. Infact, his speech therapist says his understanding of language is at a three year old level. I'm glad to know that his brain is working great, even if other things are causing delays. Every day I thank God for my little guy! He is the most amazing little boy, and I'm proud to call him my son. I have to admit, that even though he it the dreaded two, I'm enjoying seeing his personality develop more and more everyday.

Andrew's Likes and Dislikes: Andrew loves car's the most! He plays with his hotwheels a ton. He also like to cook! He is always in the kitchen helping me. He is still scared of dogs, cats, and any other animals that he comes in contact with. And his newest fear is that of a train. That isn't fun since there is one close to our house. Were working on the fears, but we don't seem to make much progress. Andrew still loves food. He will eat just about anything these days. He isn't a picky eater. Thank goodness!!!

All in all Andrew is a ton a fun and we love watching him grow. He loves on me all the time, and that is all the thanks I need from him. I love you my little Andrew.


The Lehrs said...

Yay! So glad to read of the positive medical news and the potty training!! Woohoo! How exciting to be done with diapers in your house ... forever! Andrew is such a little sweetheart and he has overcome so many hurdles through prayers of family/friends, his loving family, and his own determination. Praise God!:)

The Lehrs said...

Oh and we'll be in prayer about the submucous cleft too! Love, T,K,&M

drewmark19 said...

That's awesome that Andrew potty-trained so early! Ben is over 3 and just now potty training. Lucky you, being done with diapers! :) It's so neat to hear about Andrew's progress.