Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Day Getaway!

Well we are going with the same theme as we did last year. Small getaways with short distances, instead of a long vacation and a long distance. This seems to work best for us since Andrew hates the car, and we seem to all like each other better if we don't spend to many days with each other in a row. So this last week we took a three hour tour and headed down into Southern Ohio to a place called "The Wilds". It is basically a safari ride through 10,000 acres of property. The neat thing was that there were many endangered animals there, some that I have never seen before. Of course Andrew was scared like usual, when any of the animals got close to the vehicle, but he handled it. Then we headed to a State Park and stayed at a cottage for a few days. We got to swim, hike, teather ball , go for a boat ride, and have a bon fire. We had a some great family time. My most favorite thing about this trip was not having anywhere to be at any certain time.

Andrews nap for the day!

So we were shocked when we heard that they recently built a couple of these yurts, that you can come and stay the night in. They give you your own personal chef who comes and cooks for you for the evening, and then you get to go on a sunset tour of the animals, then the next morning they serve you breakfast. I told Cain this would be awesome sometime for our anniversary. I have always wanted to stay a night in a yurt.

So off to the beach!

Andrew enjoyed getting dirty without mom getting all upset!

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