Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dealing with sickness and a question for parents of adopted children from Kyrgyzstan!

Andrew has been sick for almost two weeks now. It started out as a cold on Tuesday, Dec. 16th and by Thursday, Dec. 18th, the runny nose turned into coughing and wheezing. I then took Andrew took the Dr. where they told me that Andrew is dealing with a strand of the RSV virus, and they gave him a breathing treatment. Andrew's breathing and cough seemed great the next day on Friday, Dec. 17th but he was in one terrible mood. Then that night Andrew decided to not go to bed!!!! You read that right, he never went to sleep, regardless of all our best efforts. It was the longest night of our lives with Andrew. So on Saturday Dec. 18th, I was concerned that maybe there was something else wrong with Andrew, so back to the Dr.'s we went. They checked him over, and couldn't find anything else that was wrong, and the Dr. even said his breathing sounded great. She was also puzzled as to why Andrew never went to sleep. So on with our day we went, but the strange thing was as the day went on instead of getting tired, Andrew got more hyper. He only took one, one hour nap all day, and by the end of the day he was completely crazy with energy. He finally fell asleep on the way home from my parents house that night at 8pm, and we were all praising God for it. I slipped him into bed without him waking up, but the horrible thing was, he woke up at 11pm and was ready to party again. He was hyper and wouldn't relax to go back to bed. I tried for about 45 minutes and nothing seemed to work. Then I let him cry on and off for an hour and 15 minutes and he finally went to sleep. Of course I didn't get much sleep that night either because I was worried he was going to wake back up and be hyper again. So finally our little guy got back on his normal sleeping pattern, but within a few days the coughing started back up but this time it started getting worse. I then took Andrew back to the Dr. again on Saturday, Dec. 27th and they did another breathing treatment on him. This time they gave me the machine to take home and prescribed the medicine so I could give Andrew the breathing treatments regularly. In fact, now the Dr. is saying that Andrew is dealing with asthma issues and they want me giving him a steroid medicine every day for a year to prevent any cold from turning into asthmatic issues. I'm not sure how I feel about that, because I don't like medicating my kids long term. I'm going to look into my options and hopefully I will get to the bottom of all of this. It has been a frustrating road, and it still isn't over yet. I hope Andrew kicks this virus soon! I'll keep everyone posted.

I would like to hear from any other parents who have adopted from Kyrgyzstan. I do know one other family that adopted from Kyrgyzstan and their son has the same breathing issues. I'm wandering how common this problem could be among these children from Kyrgyzstan. Any feed back would be great!


Maria said...

I'm not sure what the breathing treatment was they gave A. BUT I suspect it was a steroid and that was the reason for no sleep. We did a breathing treatment once and the school called to tell me Josh was sliding across the floor!! Also, the more he didn't sleep, the more his little body was compensating for lack of sleep by creating more energy. It was a horrible cycle for him. I have heard of a few other children from Kyrg who've been dealing with some asthma type issues. I'll be hoping that you find some answers soon! Hugs to all of you!!

drewmark19 said...

It is so neat to catch up on your lives through your blog. Congratulation on the little blessing in your life. Like the commentor before me, I'd bet anything it was the steroid medication. My oldest was on a steroid for a very short time and he started banging his head against the television. (Very much out of character...he's usually very calm.) Hopefully you won't have to deal with steroid for an entire year. Yikes! Best wishes to you. Going without sleep is one of the hardest things. Just keep repeating, "This too will pass!" :)

Gen 's Family Story said...

We thankfully have not had any breathing issues with our 2 kids. I think Maria is right about the steroid treatment...good to see he is doing all right in later posts!