Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Year Ago!

Today I have spent some time reflecting on last years new years eve. My husband and I were getting on a plane and going half way across the world to get our son in Kyrgyzstan. It was crazy because when we were on the plane we were loosing time because of the time zones, so Cain and I had no idea of when to celebrate new years! We just kept one watch on Ohio time, and when we knew our kids, family and friends were celebrating we said "happy new years" to one another gave each other a kiss and tried to go back to sleep on the plane. About that time we were above the ocean on our way to Germany. It seems just like yesterday all that happened, because the memories are still so vivid in my mind. Part of me would love to go back to that moment, but the other part of me is so glad that a whole year has gone by. In a few days we will celebrate Andrew's gotcha day, and what an exciting day that will be! We have a fun day planned with our family. For now though, we will celebrate for the first time seeing a new year come in, with our son. Andrew has been feeling a little better so we are going to attempt to go out. We are going to an 80's themed new years party. That should be interesting! I'll post pictures tomorrow of all the big hair!

Cain and I standing in line to check our luggage, one year ago! I'm not sure how I survived this trip because I didn't even sleep the night before we left because I was so anxious! I'm amazed that neither Cain or I got sick this whole trip, with all the lack of sleep and being on so many planes on the way there and back home. My only advice is take airborne with you when you travel.

Our goodbye letter from Megan (she made us cry)!

Our stop in Munich, Germany! I'm surprised Cain is smiling, we hardly had any sleep to this point and it was at least 7 hours past our normal bedtime. What great memories!

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