Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Memories of 2008!

We have had a wonderful first Christmas with Andrew! Below is a slide show, because there are to many wonderful holiday pictures to leave some of them out, but then I'm also putting the best of the pictures of each event as well. Last Christmas was a very hard time for me, because I had one deadline, I wanted Andrew home with us before Christmas. When that didn't happen I was very sad but made the best of it. Spending Christmas with all three of my children was the best present I could of every asked for. I thank God for the blessing of my family, along with the birth of his son Jesus.

First we had Christmas with Cain's family on the Sunday before Christmas!

Ryan and Sarah announce their new engagement! Way to go Ryan!

On Monday we baked cookies with my mom! Thanks for helping mom, it would of been boring without you!

Andrew also enjoyed playing with the cookie dough!

What are you up to girls?

Then we went to my mom and dad's house on Christmas Eve!

Here is a picture of Andrew trying to figure out Kylee's curly hair!

Then on Christmas we opened our gifts with the kids and later both our parents came over as well as my Grandma. What a wonderful day it was.

This shirt is so fitting!

Andrew learns about the true meaning of Christmas (baby Jesus)!

We all worked on a Gingerbread House!

The house turned out great...

for at least a few minutes, until it fell apart!

Grandpa and Alisha chilling on the couch! I guess they won't get blamed for the gingerbread house falling apart!

Andrew it has been a great first Christmas with you. It was everything I imagined it would be. I love you and can't wait for many more Christmas memories with you in the future.

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Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas with all 3 of your beautiful children!! I can tell you guys always have a good time =)It's great to see Andrew doing so well. He has grown so much since I first found your blog. I LOVED your slideshow with the music. (i so need to figure out how to do that)
Here's to a Happy New Year and many many new wonderful memories!!

Columbus, Ohio