Sunday, December 28, 2008

Other Christmas Pictures!

So here are a few more photos of Christmas from my parents house from my dad's camera. There to good to leave out of the blog. For some reason my pictures didn't turn out so well that day, and in addition my dad was the only one who got the family pictures. We always make sure to get a group shot every Christmas of the whole family.

The Nice Picture!

The Crazy Face Picture!

Well I guess you can tell what my dad's favorite team is (North Carolina). He wanted to make sure that everyone in the family had a t-shirt of them for Christmas, so of course we got pictures of us all in them!

Go North Carolina!

Andrew made handprint ornaments for the grandparents for Christmas this year. He loves putting his hands in it to show that it is from him!

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The Lehrs said...

Hey Kim! More cute Christmas photos! What a precious family you have!!! We are so grateful that God has brought all 5 of you into our lives!! As for the breathing issue - we have already talked a lot but I'll send you some stuff through email. -T,K,&M