Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun Family Christmas Traditions!

Well we had a family Christmas outing on Saturday. We started off by taking Alisha and Megan to a movie and we left Andrew at Grandma's. We then headed down to Tower City for shopping, holiday lights, and other festivities.

Andrew was terrified of any of the people in costumes, so we would stand in line to get a picture and Alisha would back him into the picture without him even knowing who was behind us, otherwise he would of been screaming for the picture.

We always enjoy seeing the toy soldier, and we have had many pictures of him in the past. The guy who is dressed up as the toy soldier is very tall, and intimidating. It's amazing that the entire time he is there he doesn't have one facial expression.

We saw some friends of ours at Tower City twice and they took this great picture of us when we were walking around looking at the lights!

We then found the gingerbread lane that had the most amazing gingerbread houses I have ever seen. Here are some pictures of some of the houses.

This was a gingerbread office!

We went to stand in line for Santa and the lady in front of us said it would probably be longer then an hour to see him. We said forget that and went on our way! This is the closest thing of a picture of Santa, with Andrew not crying that we have so far! We did go on to find the Twigbee Shop where Andrew got to go with his sisters to shop for mom and dad. I can't wait to see what he picked out when we open the presents on Christmas.

We then ended the evening going out to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Andrew loved dancing to the music as he was eating dinner. We had a great day and it was wonderful being able to share some fun traditions with Andrew that we had had as a family.

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The Arthur Clan said...

It is so wonderful to find you here in "blogger land!" It's going to be fun to stay in touch this way.

Merry Christmas!