Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas has been a big undertaking with a toddler in the house this year. It has been fun sharing all the joys of Christmas with my son, but it has also added more stipulations on things he can't touch. What torcher! Anyways, I'm officially done with Christmas decorating, Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, and Christmas wrapping. So now the only thing left to do is enjoy the holidays. I also spent the entire day yesterday doing chocolates for my customers. I own an office cleaning business, and I like to take a platter of chocolates to all my customers for Christmas. I started at 9am yesterday and worked until 8:30pm. My older daughter and her friend also contributed about 4 hours of help. That would take us to a grand total of around 15 hours of 20 lbs. of candy making. Below is a picture of only about 75% of the candy that we made. Now I have to deliver it all but that is my last Christmas project. I'm looking forward to some fun events ahead. I'm hoping the next few weeks are better with Andrew then this last week. He is officially crossing over to the terrible twos, and I think lack of attention this week has put him over the top. I have never seen so many fits, and all he wants me to do is hold him, and if I don't he just yells and starts hitting something. Oh my little Andrew, mommy loves you, even when your bad!

We put up our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I have been to busy to post the pictures!

This was Alisha's way of helping with the decorating, playing guitar, and texting!

There we go, now she's helping!

Andrew loved all the ornaments we put on the tree!

Every year we all give each other ornaments. I bought some for Andrew when we were in Kyrgyzstan since we were there at their Christmas, however I want to save those for when he gets bigger and understands where they are from. However, I thought this ornament for Andrew was perfect. I told Andrew when we gave it to him," that last year we packed our bags right around Christmas time, got on a plane, and traveled around the world to get him". How perfect!

It's so pretty! I wish I could touch it!

I've had the worse time of it with the lights this year. First of all none of the lights on the Christmas tree were working. So we got all new ones for the tree. Then I have this garland that I put around our door outside, and when I got that out the lights were out on it. I then put a working set of lights on it and then that went out. So then I bought two brand new strands for the garland and I got it hung up, and then half of a strand went out. That's it I'm not taking it down, and I'm not fixing it!

This is as good as it got at 8pm at night to get a family picture for the Christmas card!

Andrew has his sisters wrapped around his little finger!

I guess that photo shoot of ours was exhausting!

We went to a Christmas party last weekend with our home builders class and this is what Andrew thought of Santa. He wouldn't have anything to do with him! In fact, he set the tone for the other toddlers there. We are going to try to get a Santa picture tomorrow at the mall, so we will see how that turns out!

This is some of the candy that I did yesterday! I feel tired just looking at it!

This is Andrew's way of helping me with the chocolates!

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