Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Memories!

We were a bit tired, but we made it to church. Andrew wasn't quite himself, but I think it was because I was gone for two days. I have never left him for more then a few hours, so me disappearing for two days had to be a bit tough on him. I called Cain several times, and he would hear me on the speaker phone and he would keep saying Ma Ma! I never saw him so excited to see me! It made me feel so loved! However, we were in a whirlwind to get out the door, and snap a quick few pictures. Then when we got to church I had to put Andrew in nursery. I don't think he was to happy with that. After church we headed off to Panera bread for a quick bite. We then headed home to decorate eggs, and then off to my mom and dad's house. We fit in a birthday party today also while celebrating Easter at my parents! All in all a good day, but boy the bed was calling my name!

Alisha and her boyfriend Josh!

Last week at church we had an Easter Egg Launch. It was great! They had a big launcher that would shoot 50 eggs into the air at a time. Then the kids would run and grab the eggs. We split the kids by age groups and we launched a total of 2,000 eggs so every kid got plenty of candy. My brother who is the pastor of the church started it last September. We had been averaging around 75-100, but we need to start seeing some growth in the church. So the church decided to have the event the week before Easter right after church to hopefully start pulling in some new attenders. So 600 people showed up for the event so I guess you can see it was a sucess! There was food for everyone, face paintings, tricycle races, and 4 inflatables for the kids to jump in. It was a great time, and we already saw many new faces at church this week!

My friends Shanna and Joy came to visit at church and enjoy the festivities!

Time to eat!

Andrew with Grandma right before he dumped the lemonade on himself!

Megan brought two of her neighbor friends with her that day, and then Shanna's daughter also enjoyed time with all three of them.

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