Friday, April 3, 2009

My Baby Turned Two!

So Andrew turned two yesterday, and I think I'm going to cry! It was weird last year when Andrew turned one, because he was only home for about 2 and half months before celebrating his birthday. It didn't seam like a birthday party but more like a celebration of his adoption. Up to that point we really didn't have to many people over the house, so it was perfect timing. But this year is so very different. It really seems like Andrew's birthday because I can go back and reflect the last year that he has been with us. We had such a wonderful day yesterday and God gave us a 70 degree day that was sunny. In Ohio in April what more could you ask for. So me and the girls decided to take Andrew to the park. This is the first time he has been able to really just play on the playground by himself and climb around. Of course he had three little mothers right behind him every step he took, but he got to explore and just have fun. And for anyone who knows me you know we take lots of picturs so enjoy.

My girls just hanging around!

Me and my guy!

Andrew and Megan!

Andrew and Alisha!

Alisha what a great big sis you are!

Alisha, you know you aren't really jumping don't you?

Alisha teaching Andrew the basics of basketball!

We decided to all swing on this bar thing, even me if you could imagine!

Alright Andrew, it's time to go home!

Alisha, you are a big girl, and I think you can walk to the car by yourself!

A day to remember!

So after the park we decided to take Andrew to our families favorite restaurant, Buca DiPeppo! We have gone there to celebrate every big milestone of Andrew's adoption, so it was very fitting to take him there for his birthday. I also thought it would be fitting for Andrew to sit like a big boy at the table with us in a boster seat. He did pretty good, but I had the high chair right by us and I would threaten him to put him in the baby high chair if he continued to act up, and then he straightened right up for me. I guess he already wants to be considered a big boy and not a baby anymore. So after our yummy spaghetti and pizza, they brought Andrew a cake with some huge candles, and they sang to him. He was so excited!

Daddy with his big two year old!

This is my kind of dinner, one I don't have to cook!

Andrew trying to use an adult fork.

A birthday kiss for the birthday boy!

It's cake time!

When they brought Andrew the cake he was ready to just grap the entire thing, no adult fork this time!

Now that was some good cake!

All in all Andrew what a great Birthday! Now take an easy on mom this year and don't do the normal terrible two stuff!

We are having a party for Andrew with family and close friends on Saturday, so stay tuned for more fun to come!


Rachel said...

Wow, he is so big!! Scarlett is the same way with the booster...if she starts out sitting in our laps then she gets very upset with the highchair. But she's only 19 months and loves to climb on the table, so usually that's what we stick with!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Ann said...

I am not sure who had more fun... You, Alisha, Megan or Andrew!! Give Andrew a squeeze for me and N. and tell him he has admirers all over sending him special Happy Birthdays!