Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Stahnke's Happenings!

Well a quick post to give some updates on things going on. First of all my van that broke down in Indiana is beyond fixing at this point. It did very good getting us to 194,000 miles so I can't really complain about that, but there still is never a good time for a vehicle to die. So here I am stuck in the house with no way of getting anywhere. Luckily Alisha since she is doing post secondary this year (that is doing college in place of high school and getting credit for both) only goes to school on Mon. Wedn., and Fri. That does give me the option to do all my running around on those two days around her schedule and drive her car. I'm not use to planning everything in my week around my daughters schedule. My husband and I still have to make a trip back to Indiana to clear the rest of the stuff out of my van even, and this is my husbands busiest part of the entire year with work! AHHHH!!!!! Is all I can say. So my first priority is to just get Megan to and from school each day, and keep food in the house. My second priority is to get to Indiana to get our stuff. The mechanic there is going to just take our van, since it is worth $0.00, unless we spend $1,200 to fix it. Then after I get pass all that stuff, when my husband has a spare moment we will start to go look for something new for me to drive. I'm thinking at the rate we are going it could be over a month of sharing a vehicle with Alisha. Thank goodness it is warming up outside because I will go crazy if I'm stuck in the house for days at a time.

The other thing that is going on is getting all the details together for Alisha's mission trip to Kyrgyzstan. It is so exciting to be able to help the kids in the orphanage, but yet I'm so far away. We have been in contact with Jayne Schooler, and John Wright and both of them have been giving me some great ways we could help the kids at the Tokmok Orphanage. Right now we are hoping to raise enough money over my daughters exspences so that we can have a playground put in for the kids there in Tokmok. John said for $600-$800 he could have it built while Alisha is there and have it done by the time she leaves. What an awesome gift that would be for the kids there. So God has blessed so much already, but now I'm praying for even more money so that we can do something there that will really make a forever difference in those kids lives and the ones that have to come there after them. Please check out my daughters blog to see how to get involved. It isn't to late. She just needs to have the funds by the time she leaves which is in the first week or so of May. And to any of you who have already helped support my daughter, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We couldn't do this without help from others.

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The Lehrs said...

Oh my goodness - your van! I loved catching up on all the adventures.Sorry to hear about all of the inconveniences, but even now God knows about all the craziness. I'm praying for you! As for Alisha and the playground, I'm practically in tears! Praise God! What an exciting way to share His love! Love, Kim