Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Is Here!

So summer has finally arrived, or at least I can say summer break has arrived. We are still awaiting for the nice weather. Usually we kick off summer break with a visit to the pool, but this year we visited the zoo. Here are some pictures from the last week.

This last weekend Megan, Andrew and I went to the outlet mall by our house. A year ago they put in this train that takes you all around the property, so I thought it would be fun for Andrew to get a ride on it. It lasted about 15 min. He loved it!

On Tuesday, Alisha, her boyfriend, Andrew and I all joined Megan for her field trip at a putt, putt and go kart place. It was a fun day aside of the fact that it was a bit chilly!

Megan on the go karts. Yeah! She is finally tall enough!

Alisha and her boyfriend on the go karts. Alisha did everything in her power to get in front of him, but she never could!

Megan and her friends eating lunch. I'm very sad for Megan. She has been going to a private school since preschool, and nextyear we will be making a transition to our local public school. I know it is the right decision for her, but I hate to see her leave her friends. It wouldn't of mattered though even if she went back because most of her friends are starting public school next year to. I'm sure she will be fine, but sometimes change is hard.
Andrew, waiting for his turn at the batting cages. I think he will be waiting a long time!
My Megan got Honor Roll this year. I'm so proud of her. Things don't come so easy for Megan, and she has to work real hard for her good grades, so I'm especially proud of her. Alisha has also done very well this year. Alisha did post secondary, which means college in high school.
Even though she was a junior this year in high school, she completed her first year of college. She made the deans list post sememsters. She is hoping to have her 2 first years of college done by the time she graduates next year. I'm very, very proud of her as well.

Andrew really enjoys helping me at home. As long as I include him in what I'm doing, I can usually get most of my chores done around the house.

He also loves to help me cook and bake!

So today we visited the zoo. Here are the great pictures we got! Here is Megan with her friends!

Here I am with my good friend Mary!

I'm not sure if anyone in the world has a picture of a jelly fish with sunglasses!

This is how I felt by the end of the day, but I never get to nap!

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