Sunday, June 14, 2009

Church in the park and the kids having fun washing daddy's truck!

We had church at the park today. What a great time it was. We started off with a service, and right after we had a cookout, and just had some fun! Alisha sings with the band at church, and sometimes she is asked to sing a song that she has written. My brother, who is the pastor of the church called Alisha and asked her if she had a song about forgiveness. She didn't but by the next day she wrote one. I'm always amazed of her talent and ability.

Well Megan and Andrew thought it would be fun to help dad wash his truck. Here are the pictures of their fun. Be sure to watch the video also. Take note how Andrew finally started spraying water in the bucket, and as soon as his dad said he was going to be right back and he went around the truck he sprayed Megan. He then continued to act up until right before Cain came around the other side of the truck. Cain had no idea he was acting up the entire time. It was great to get it all on video. You can see how Andrew loves to pick on Megan when he can. Those to either love each other or hate each other.

Megan cleaning the rims!

Megan teaching Andrew how to clean the rims!

Andrew cleaning the rims!

Daddy is this what I use?

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