Thursday, June 25, 2009

Water Works and Father's Day!

So it has been really, really hot lately, so the kids have spent most of the time outside playing in the water. Two days ago we also made a trip to the splash park to cool off. Andrew is at a perfect age now to just be able to run around and just enjoy everything. Last year he wasn't really steady on his feet, and I was always a nervous wreck following him around. We have also been visiting the free movies every week. Last week we watched the Bee Movie, and he did pretty good sitting there, but towards the end he got real bored. Then this last week we took Megan's friend with us, and watched Firehouse Dog. Andrew sat through the entire thing without hardly moving. I just sat there and smiled and thought to myself. "I have arrived"!!!! I have waited a long time to be able to just take Andrew some where, and be able to sit there in peace for almost 2 hours. He is such a good boy!!! Now remember that I have said that when you are reading my post from yesterday. That day, I had a completely different opion.

Daddy and Andrew having a race!

On father's day we went to a park for dinner and then played soem frisbee golf with my entire family! Here is a picture of some of the kids at the end of our adventure. We had a very good time!

Fun at the splash park!

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