Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stawberry picking and Andrew just being a boy!

So I decided to go stawberry picking with a friend of mine and our kids. Andrew was having a great time picking and he was being so good, but then all of sudden he turned on me, and it set the stage for the rest of the day. Well Andrew's bucket was just about full but then, I noticed that he was squishing the strawberries between his fingers as he was putting them into the bucket. His hands were as red as the strawberries. So then I had to go through his bucket and sory the good from the bad. So then he needed to pick some more, but before I knew it he was throwing them all back into the leaves just like I was doing to the bad ones, so then we needed to pick even more. Then before I knew it Andrew was taking bites of them before he got them into the bucket. We did have a ton of fun even though the concept was a bit difficult for Andrew. He did do good though finding them. I would defintely go do that again with him! So the rest of my day didn't get to much better. For lunch Andrew decided it would be funny to suck up a big piece of pasta up his nose. By the time I got to him there was nothing left of it for me to try to pull it back out. I then got a cloth and told him to blow his nose and luckily the entire piece came back out. I think Megan laughing at him always has something to do with some of his behavior lately. He never pulled that stunt at lunch when it was just me and him. Then for dinner, Andrew was determined he wanted some of the juice I put on the table in his sippy cup. I kept telling him he needed to wait till we were eating, so he didn't drink to much before dinner. Andrew, then decided that he wasn't going to wait and as I had my back turned to him cooking, he climbed up on the kitchen chair, grabbed the juice, and poured himself a cup of it. What he wasn't realizing was that his cup was full and he was continuing to poor it everywhere. By the time I turned around he had about half of the container of juice everywhere. I kept yelling for him to stop, but I think I was scaring him to the point that he was just pouring it more. Needless to say it took me about 15 minutes to clean up all the juice, and by that time dinner was cold. Yikes!!! What a day! Andrew is proving to me everyday that I need to be a step ahead of him. I just wish had the energy to do that!


Maria said...

Oh dear. Sounds like I have a lot to look forward to, huh??

Corinne said...

I am sure you enjoyed the straberries after all that work keeping up with Andrew. Your adventure gave me a good chuckle!