Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Slideshow of Alisha's Journey to Kyrgyzstan!

I put together a slideshow from my daughters trip to Kyrgyzstan for my church to see a few weeks ago. So many people from our church helped support her, and we wanted to make sure they all were able to see what she accomplished while there. The slideshow is above this post if you want to check it out. I personally was jealous of her trip, because I want to go back there myself one day, but the time is not now, because my responsibilities are of being a mom to my little Kyrgz boy and his sisters. It was wonderful to see my daughter make a difference in their lives, and I'm convinced that each one of my children need to experience something like this trip Alisha went on, before they leave my house. Thank you to anyone of you out there that have helped. Without the support she had, her journey would of not been possible.


The Lehrs said...

Loved the slideshow! Praises to God for making it all possible!

Corinne said...

What an incredible trip! Loved the pictures!How awesome that Alisha was able to go visit the orphanage and show pictures of her brother!