Sunday, January 4, 2009

Andrew's Gotcha Day Party!

What a wonderful day we had with Andrew. I know he will have no memory of it, but we will have the pictures and the stories to tell him about his celebration of being home for one year with his forever family. The day before Andrew's party we took him to McDonalds play area to play. It is the first time Megan has ever taken him up in there to play. When he got up there and I called his name he looked down at me and started to cry. I think he thought they were leaving me, and he didn't like that feeling. Then Alisha went up there with him and he was fine. I'm glad we had a practice run of a play area because his gotcha party was at the Amazone, which has a play area 4 times as big as the play area at McDonalds. When we first got there with him, he was ready to take off and play. We were there before any one else, and then Grandma and Grandpa Johnson got there and Andrew was so excited. Then more and more people kept coming and then Andrew looked puzzled as to why everyone he knew was at this big place where he was playing and having fun. He is use to get togethers of family and friends being at someone's house. Andrew had a smile on his face most of the night, and I can't wait one day to tell him all about it.

Let's get this party started!

And I'm off to play! I'll see you later mom!

This place is so much fun! I love it!

Wow that is a fun slide! I'm finally getting big enough where I can go down them now!

I love how the video games light up, even though I didn't get any tokens to play any of them. Thanks for taking me around to see them Alisha!

Wow what are you doing here Kylee? I'm so glad you came, were going to have so much fun!

Why is everyone wearing white vest?

I love playing with mommy up here!

Hi Lanny! I'll come down here to your level.

It looks like you girls are having fun!

Hey there, we're just hanging out watching Alisha and Sarah do the dance game!

Time for cake!

What a difference a year makes!

Finally, daddy gives me some cake to eat!

Wow, that play area must of tired you out!

Our day was so crazy yesterday that we didn't even get a moment to take a picture of Andrew and give him his book that I made him, so I had Megan take some pictures before church today!

Here is the book that I had made for Andrew. If anyone is ever over the house, I'll always have the book sitting out so I can read it to Andrew, so feel free to take a look at it.

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drewmark19 said...

We were just at Amazone last week. The kids always have so much fun there! Although I'm really bad and now lie and say that my 2 year old is 3 so I don't have to follow him all over the place. It gets very hard on the knees. :) The book you made is great! My kids love looking at their baby pictures and basically anything that has to do with them. I'm sure Andrew will be the same way.