Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Stahnke Family Would Be Proud!

So today we are stuck in our house because of so much snow, and all my plans have been cancelled. In fact, I have been stuck in my house all week, trying to get some things done, and before that I was stuck in the house because Andrew was sick for weeks. I'm going a little stir crazy. However, we will try to take the kids sled riding this evening, if the snow slow downs enough for the snow trucks to clear the roads. Andrew has never been down a hill on a sled so that should be interesting. Anyways, since I have time to spare, I thought I would tell a cute story about our Andrew, since one day I'm sure I'll forget to tell him.
So the other day Andrew and I were in the kitchen and I was getting dinner ready. I always ask Andrew to give me love, and he usually gives me a hug and a kiss. Sometimes I ask him to blow me a kiss, and he will. It is the cutest thing. So the other day, I asked Andrew to blow me a kiss, and he didn't respond, so then I asked him to blow me some love. The next thing I knew, he let one rip, and it was a loud one. I then told him that wasn't the kind of love I had in mind for him to blow my way. I just couldn't stop laughing. I don't think I have ever used those words blow me some love, and for him to perfectly do that at that moment was to much. For anyone who knows the Stahnke family, they know they would be proud of our little Andrew. He is truly becoming a real Stahnke. Good job Andrew! You will fit right in!
The view from the back of the house!

Here is a view from my front door, and I guess they are calling for quite a bit more snow still! To bad it isn't a school day because school definitely would of been cancelled. This always happens on the weekend when we have places to be!

Here is a cute video of Alisha and her little brother that I took the other day! My girls can always make him laugh.

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drewmark19 said...

That's hilarious. Welcome to the world of boys. You have much more love that will be blown your way...I guarantee it! :)