Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things are getting easier!

Well things with Andrew have been getting much easier. Wait!!! Did I just say things are getting easier! I never thought the day would come. First of all Andrew has been taking his one nap for longer then when we first switched to one nap. He use to only sleep one hour for me, and now he is sleeping anywhere from 2-2 1/2. Awesome!!!!! He also has been sleeping 9-10 hours strait without waking up at night. I also recently started making him go to sleep on his own and overall he is doing great with that. I have to admit that I have enjoyed rocking him to sleep every night, but the time has come that, that is no longer working, and he needs to learn how to fall asleep on his own. I have seen him trying to get out of his crib and as soon as he grows a little taller he will be getting out, and I need him more use to being in his bed alone and falling asleep. The thought of a bed in his room makes me want to cry. Part of me is excited that he is growing up but the other part wants him to stay my little baby. Then Andrew has been getting better about playing on his own some. Just the other day he allowed me to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and he never bothered me once. I guess there are no more excuses of not using the treadmill.

We have been still dealing with some issues from the RSV virus that Andrew had. I continue to give him a breathing treatment everyday to prevent the breathing issue from coming back. The Dr. suggested doing it for a year. I'm going to keep him on it for a month and see where he is at with things. I am also looking for a different pediatrian's office because I haven't been happy with his current office. The problem is there is 5-6 doctors in this office and everytime my son is sick he sees a different doctor. Also, none of the doctors have taken the time to learn anything about my son, and to them he is another patient in and another patient out. I feel when you adopt there are some different and special issues that you need to be aware of and I feel it takes a special Dr. to feel those requirements.

We had Andrew's one year follow up since he has been home with the other doctors office yesterday (this is the peditrician's office that deals with adopted children and their issues and not Andrew's regular pediatrician). There is a specialist who spent an hour checking his develpment and she wrote down some expectations she had for Andrew before we got there, and he surpassed all of them. He is right on target for everything aside of his speech of course, but she felt he was at a 18 month level for that, and that was much higher then I thought it would be. That means Andrew is only 3 months behind on that, and he honestly wasn't saying much until October, so you can see how far he is jumping to close the gap. Also Andrew was ahead about 3 months on some of his other skills. That made me feel great. Then we saw the psychologist, and basically at this point we just got to start treating Andrew like a regular little boy. He has surpassed all of his adoptive issues, but that doesn't mean something may not arise in the future, but for now, Andrew is a happy adjusted little boy. Then we saw the pediatrician, and the outcome of that was, we have adressed all of the health issues since Andrew has been home and there isn't much more we need to do. We do need to follow up in February with another echo for his VSD to make sure the whole has started closing up. I guess we will continue to do that every year until the whole is completely closed. I'm hoping that it is completely closed now, because when anyone listens to his heart they can't hear a murmer any more. The other thing we will need to follow up with from time to time until Andrew is caught up verbally is the craniofacial team. They are keeping an eye on the gap in the back of his pallet, but for now there is nothing they can do for him but wait to see what happens once he is talking. The outcome on Andrew has met and surpassed my expectations in every way. Andrew is a fighter, and there isn't anything that seems to hold him back. I'm just sad because he will have no need to go back to this office anymore, unless he starts having some adoption issues, so that is why I need to now find the perfect Dr. to take on all of his issues and not just when he is sick.

Our Little Guitar Hereo !

Andrew has loved playing with his guitar since he got it. Infact, when he first got it, he knew exactly how to put it on, hold it, and play it. He cracks me up! Here is a personal concert by Andrew!

The Little Piano Man!

I heard someone playing piano the other day, so I went into the next room and to my surprise Andrew learned how to get up on the piano bench and was playing. What is amazing about it was that Andrew was playing and not banging. I think he may have a future in music.

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Wayde said...

Andrew is such a beautiful & exciting little person :) your family!!! What a BLessing!!!!! Love Ya's, Bernice