Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Megan on Americas Funniest Home Video!

I wanted to write a quick post to let any one know who sees this before tomorrow evening that my Megan will be on America's Funniest Home Video, on Sunday night Jan. 4 on ABC. Depending on where you live you will need to check your local listings for the time. Here in Ohio it is on at 7pm. It is a video of Megan getting excited and falling after opening her American Girl Doll last Christmas. The funniest part of it to us, is when her sister Alisha was laughing so hard she can hardly breathe, meanwhile Megan was screaming. They may edit all of it out except the part where she falls. Last year this happened a week before we left to go get Andrew. There was one point on our trip when we were in Kazakhstan bored out of our minds, being trapped in our hotel room, with no television, but one channel, and Cain and I just laid on the bed and started imagining this video wishing we had it, then we just started laughing our butts off. It's a keepsake that's for sure!! Megan I'm just glad you are all right from your fall, and we can all laugh at your expense now.


drewmark19 said...

That is too cool! I'll definitely watch for it. (Makes me wish I had Tivo.)

Anonymous said...

This is so funny!! I actually just got on your blog to email you b/c I we were all watching AFV tonight and your video came on and I was like "OH MY GOD!!" Matt kept saying "WHAT, WHAT" I made him rewind it (cause that's just how cool tv is these days) I said" I KNOW THEM, I FOLLOW THEIR BLOG" So then I got on here to email you b/c I was 90% sure it was you and then noticed that you posted about it!! Too funny. =)