Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alisha's Volleyball Season!

So Alisha's volleyball season is in full swing, and I got some amazing pictures, to my surprise at her first home game. I was so excited, because I didn't even use my flash. Anyways, this is Alisha's last season to play because she is a senior, and even though it is very exciting it also a bit nerve racking to know she will be moving on to only college things next year.

So a little volleyball story to go along with this theme of this post. My little Andrew absolutley gets bored at these games. This last Saturday we went to a tournament game at our home gym, and we had to sit up on the upper part of the gym. The seats are wooden and they pull down, kindave like a theater type seat, with each row being a step up. Anyways, I was letting Andrew play on the ground while I was sitting in one of the chairs, and before I knew it Andrew was going after a toy that fell under the seat in front of him. Some how he managed to get his left leg and his head under there at the same time. The problem was he was now stuck. At first I didn't panic because I figured what would fit down in that spot, would also come back out of that small spot, but the more me and Megan worked to get him out, I started realizing that he wasn't fitting back through. So then I jumped up and ran to the other side of the seat to pull him through the other way. After about 30 seconds I realized he wasn't coming out that way either. By now Andrew is panicking and screaming from the top of his lungs, and he was also drawing quite the crowd of people around us. I had so many adults saying try moving him this way, and many trying to help get him out. After about 5 minutes of him being stuck, we finally decided to forget getting his head out for a second and we concentrated on getting the one left leg out, and after we finally were able to squeeze his leg back out, it gave us a little more room to work with his head. At that point we got both arms down where his head was and pulled him through the bottom of the seat he was under. Even though I wasn't there for Andrew's birth, it almost seemed like he was coming through the birth canal all over again. After he was out, I just sat there and held him till we both calmed down. It was quite a scary experience. I don't think he will be going after any toys in the future. At least I hope not!

This is the shirt I made Andrew last year.  Alisha's Littlest Fan!

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