Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Andrew Update!

It has been awhile since I have updated on Andrew, so here goes a post dedicate to Andrew.  All in all he is being two!  All I can say is I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the day, and thank goodness he takes a nap everyday or I would be in trouble.  Andrew has come a long way with his speech.  We continue to go to speech therapy every week, and he continues to improve.  He is saying phrases, and in some cases speaking sentences.  That is huge since this poor kid wasn't saying but a few words a year ago.  However because of his partial cleft palate, it is holding him up.  The poor kid no matter how much me or his speech therapist works with him, certain sounds just can't come out of his mouth.  I feel so bad for him.  He tries so hard and he can't quite figure out why his words don't sound like mine.  Infact, I couldn't figure out why this poor kid never blow out of his mouth, so I asked his speech therapist about that a week ago, and she said it had everything to do with his palate.  So we gave him this little harmonica, and he has been practicing his blowing with that.  He gets so excited when he gets a note out of it.  Most would never give it a second thought about teaching their child how to blow, but in Andrew's case he has to build up those muscles to be able to come even close to what he needs to do.  So we continue to work him everyday, and when he is three he will be put through an extensive evaluation to see if he will need surgery.  I pray everyday for God to prevail in this setback in my little boy's life.  I know with God anything is possible.

As far as Andrew's personality it is flying off the charts.  This kids demands an audience no matter where we go.  He is ultimately the most popular fan at Alisha's volleyball games.  Everyone from the teenagers to the grandparents know this kid by name.  He blows kisses to the volleyball girls.  He gives "the rock" to the teenage boys, and he shares hugs with the parents and grandparents.  He is so funny!  I would worry that he is to friendly, like I use to, but Andrew's new thing is telling absolutley everyone he meets that I'm his mommy, Cain is his daddy, and that Megan is his Megan, and Alisha is his Alisha.  He wants everyone to know who he belongs to.  We recently had our social worker here for our post adoption visit, and she said that if he is saying that, then he has bonded very well.  That makes me feel so good. 

Andrew sleeps through the nights, and he takes about 2 hours naps.  He eats just about anything I give him for meals, and he loves his snacks.  He is pretty much potty trained, aside of the accidents here and there.  Some days he is just lazy.  He is wearing big boy underwear, and he even wears them to bed and he hasn't had an accident at night yet.  So for being 2 1/2 I can't complain about that.  Andrew is jumping, running, and climbing on everything.  He still loves his cars, but his new obsession is a firetruck and firemen.  Everyday he talks about a fireman. 

Andrew is the most loveable little boy I have ever met.  He fills my love tank everyday, and I hope I do the same for him.  I try to imagine my life without him and I just can't.  I hardly remember life without him.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at him in amazment on how he came into my life, and I try to thank God everyday for him.  There were so many things that could of been obstacles for our adoption, but God managed to just take care of every detail before it was a problem.  I would love to share all of that but it would be a few post in itself.  All in all Andrew is doing great, and he exceeds any of my expectations of him. 

So today we found this little work bench at a resale store for .50 cents.  Andrew loves it, and of course I had to turn it into a photo session.  I'm always working on my photography, and I thought it captured him in his play.  He does do well on playing on his own, as you can see in these pictures.  He loves to build.  Now he can bang on this work bench instead of on my coffee table.


Maria said...

I might just have to adopt again to get another boy!! Seeing those pictures of Andrew playing just took me right back. Gosh I miss that! He is SO INTENT in what he is doing, isn't he? SO CUTE!! We have to get him and Ellie together -- they would be a RIOT since they sound so much alike.

The Lehrs said...

So good to read of all the progress Andrew is making! He is one amazing little guy and I'm SO GLAD that God made all of our paths cross! Hardly a day goes by where Matthew doesn't talk to me about his friends ... Andrew is almost always mentioned first! :)