Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Day Of Play!

So you know your a real photographer when your two year old pulls out his toy camera and does a photo shoot with his sister. 

So my grandpa had a wood shop, and along time ago I found this little desk that he made.  It was unfinished and it was just sitting in his attic.  He said I could have it.  What a keeper I tell you.  My little Megan played on it a ton when she was little.  She liked to act like she was working in the office just like I did.  Now it is Andrew's turn, but he likes to pretend he is playing school.  At least once a day after Megan leaves for school, Andrew will sit down at his desk and work on some kind of coloring.  It cracks me up. 

So by far, Andrew's most favorite thing to do is play hot wheels.  Below it a picture of one of my husband's hot wheels from when he was a little boy.  My mother in law gave me a bunch of them, but I had two girls up till Andrew, and no one got much use out of them.  This tow truck is one of Andrew's favorites.


Jackie said...

Beautiful pics of your little guy. And I love the new blog look!! I was just asking Maria about some of her pictures - and what kind of setting/s she uses. She told me that she's been learning from you :) I need to know some of your tricks. Really, they look great. Now, let me continue to catch up on your blog.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Your pictures look amazing!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you are a great photographer! I love the pics. I will have to venture over to your photography blog and check those out too.
Yes, we really enjoyed building this time but even then, i hope to not have to do it again. =) We hope to stay in this house for a really long time. We move tomorrow so I am so excited.
I ended up withdrawing from school after a week into it. It wasn't the direction i wanted to go. I am looking into another University in Iowa that will transfer more credit hrs over and get me where i want to be sooner! (i have 3+ yrs already and was losing a lot of hrs where i was) I am going to wait now until after the next cycle =)
It was great to catch back up on your blog. I need your email again so i don't leave such long comments on your blog!! haha