Friday, September 18, 2009

Just a Boys Dream!

So I took Andrew and his best buddy Matthew out for some fun play at the rail road, and the creek.  Just a boys dream.  My husband told me how proud he was, because I let Andrew get as dirty as he wanted.  Let me tell you to, both these kids were in great need of a bath when we were done.  I'm so glad I could capture these fun moments of boys being boys!!!!


Maria said...

Oh, Kim, it takes me back so quickly. I have pix of Josh on the train tracks when he was little. And now, he's taller than me and growing into a young man. ENJOY IT!!! The photos are great -- as usual. :-)

The Lehrs said...

Hey Kim! I was sure that 2 toddler boys would be your biggest photography challenge yet, but the pics came out great!! Glad you were able to capture some of their boyish curiosity at this age! -Kim