Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

After a delay of 9 hours, 19 hours of flight time in 3 different planes, 6 hours of layover time, 1 meltdown by me, and another 10 hour delay, we finally arrived in Cleveland, OH in the USA at 9am on Sunday, January 13th. No words can describe how hard this trip was, but Andrew handled it better then we could have asked. He was so excited when we met family and friends at the airport. My girls and us had quite the reunion with lots of tears of joy! Andrew seemed very happy to meet everyone but a little overwhelmed. Our first day at home was a little tough because Andrew's bed time in Kyrgyzstan time, was when we arrived to Cleveland. We let him take short naps and then we kept him up the rest of the evening which was so hard, since I was only running on 6 hours of total sleep myself in a three day period of time. Andrew did had a rough first night sleeping, but he woke up a different baby this morning. Andrew seems to really enjoy his new sisters. Alisha and Megan our constantly fighting about who gets to hold him. The girls took off school today to take another day to bond with their brother and it's great to see them enjoy their new brother. Andrew seemed much more comfortable with his sisters today. He will actually allow me to leave the room for a second while they are holding him. It is really starting to feel real that Andrew is ours now. It is a weird feeling to have a baby handed to you and then you spend over a week with him in a place that isn't home. The whole time it felt like we borrowed some one's baby. Now it feels like Andrew has always been with us. It was a long journey to bring our Andrew home, but he was definitely worth it!!!!! We love you Andrew!!!
My first airplane ride!!
Our family is finally complete!
Look at all the people who came to see me at the airport!

My first trip in my car seat!
I'm finally home!
I love my new house!

Alisha holding me for the first time!

Megan holding me for the first time!

Wow, carpet that I can crawl on that isn't dirty!

I love my new room!

I don't like having to get my clothes changed!

My sister Alisha is loving on me!

My sister Megan loves to give me my bottle!

My first teething biscuit and I loved it!

I'm having a great day!


The Lehrs said...

It's soo good to see you all toghether! Andrew looks wonderfuly happy to have a family! I can tell he loves his big sisters already, and they sure love him! His arrival and membership in your family is truly a miracle, preceded by paperwork and lots of waiting, but definitely ordained by God!! To God be the glory!! And May He bless you in the coming days are you all continue to adjust! We are so excited for you!! Love, T,K,&M

Monica MIller said...

He is beautiful! How blessed you must feel. The fourth grade class at MCA has been praying for you all and we are excited that many prayers have been answered! God is good! Congratulations & Welcome Home Turat Andrew Stahnke!!

Madame said...

Welcome home! So glad the trip is over. Andrew looks like he is growing by the day. What a beautiful family!