Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shopping Meltdown!

Today we went out and did our exploring. There is a mall that isn't to far from here that we walked to. It is amazing on how much of America we see in these two countries that we have been to. There is a lot of brand names that we are familiar with that are in America. People here dress very modernized. The women dress up a lot when they go out. They have long coats, dress pants, and high heel boots. I think I'm the most comfortable one here. The traffic in Almaty is crazy however. Crossing the street it quite difficult. We just wait for the light to say green for us to walk across and we try to find someone that is crossing as well and we follow them. The cars sit in the intersections and a lot of times the cars still go even if the lights says red, so you always have to watch for cars coming at you. In fact are hotel is on a busy road and we here people honking their car horns ever few seconds. At times we here several people honking at once. We aren't quite sure why they honk. If it is to let some one know they are there and to watch out, or if they are all mad. We also noticed in Kyrgyzstan and also here in Almaty, that they combine lanes sometimes. They will turn two lanes into three and sometimes you feel like your going to hit the car next to you. They also drive right up against people that are walking. Everyone here is so use to it but for us new comers it can become a bit dramatic. We are getting a little use to it. While we are at the mall today we ventured further out to another big store that has 3 floors. Right in the middle of it Turat decided it was lunch, and he wanted to be fed right then. We were looking everywhere for someone to feed him, but we couldn't find anything but some steps to sit down on. The walk back to the mall area at that point would of been another 10 minutes, which he wouldn't of waited that long. They have these children from the orphanage on a schedule and when it is time to eat, it is time to eat. So we just dumped all our stuff and sat on these steps and fed Turat. People were just walking past us and laughing. Turat seems to be doing much better with us lately, aside of never wanting us to leave his sight or wanting us to put him down. We feel he isn't secure enough with us to trust that we aren't leaving him. It takes every bit of Cain and I to give him the attention he is demanding. We pray it gets easier when we get home. He has become more responsive with us which is good. I keep showing Turat pictures of his sisters in the book I made him and sent to him. He loves to stare at them and he loves to touch them. I think he will be so happy to meet them when we get home. All in all we are doing as good as could be expected and we are counting down until we can get home!

I want to eat and I want to eat right now!

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