Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mountain Extreme!!!!

Today we made a trip up to the mountains. No picture can describe how beautiful they are. We saw some interesting things on our way, and Natashia our guide kept saying "today is an extreme day to go to mountains". It snowed a day ago and the roads are only cleared enough for one lane of cars at a time. That makes it difficult when the driver is near a cliff and the cars are trying to pass. I have learned to trust the drivers here, and I don't watch the roads when they are driving. The driving in Kyrgyzstan is a blog in itself. We went to a restaurant called the Twelve Fireplaces while in the mountains. It was really different because they take the food outside to cook on the twelve huge fireplaces and then they bring it back in to serve. Cain said he had his best meal since we left, so I guess the food was good. Turat still has a horrible cough and is having a hard time breathing, but he seems to be doing a little better each day. He slept well again last night and he takes plenty of naps. Our only challenge at this point is getting him to drink from his bottle. He will eat food all the time but doesn't want formula. I had to put baby cereal with banana in the formula today to get him to drink it. He is defintely getting use to us. He seems to always want us to hold him now. I think he is afraid we will leave him if we are out of his sight or not holding him at all times. What a difference from a few days ago. Yesterday evening I got him to start laughing for us, and I swear he was giving me kisses. What a change in him we have seen. Tomorrow we head to Kazakhstan and are hoping to see some more interesting things.

The view from the car on our way up the mountains!

A Christmas Tree at the, Twelve Fireplace Restaurant.

Kyrgyzstan celebrates Christmas tomorrow!!!

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danandging said...

Hey! We are praying for you guys! Your adventure is an inspiration in Christlike love. We will pray that Turat continues to heal and bond with you both.

Dan and Ginger