Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

It was a difference of night and day with Turat today. First of all, he slept 9 and a half hours last night without waking up once. That I'm sure made all the difference! He got up this morning and ate well, and had his first complete bottle of formula. Then he played and seemed very happy. We have seen him smile more today then we have the other two days combined. He actually seems to look at us in our face instead of in a blank stare. He had a nap before lunch and then we took him shopping. He then fell asleep again in the baby carrier that was hooked to me, and he let us complete all of our shopping. I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day with him. He is still feeling sick however. The rattle is still in his chest which concerns us, but he has a Dr.'s appointment scheduled for the first week we get back. Turat had his first real bad diaper today. Yea, for being parents of an infant! It was so bad we had to strip him down completely and give him another bath. Of course Cain claimed he wasn't sure if he remembered how to change those types of diapers, so I got the honors. We for the first time feel like we are bonding with our son. He seems happy to be in our presence and actually cries for us. Thank you for all the prayers out there!!!!

My first bath, which I didn't like to much!

Look, I do tricks!

I love to play with my hands and my feet, because they have been my favorite toys for 9 months!

I'm finally sleeping good for mom and dad and yes my crib is pink, it was all they had!

I love my new pacifier, which allows me to not have to suck on my two fingers all the time!

I'm having fun playing with my new mommy, and I think I might like her now!

I even like to play with daddy now, and I love to get his face!


The Lehrs said...

Praise the Lord for such good news! It's wonderful to see all the pictures. Turat is adorable and you guys look great! Matthew disliked his first couple of baths until we filled the sink one day (holding him outside of the sink) and let him play with floating "toys" (plastic cereal bowls). We put him in the bath with the "toys" then and he has loved it every since. (We do have some real bath toys now, but I think he would still have fun with bowls if I gave him some!)We're keeping you in prayers especially for health and bonding. SO glad things are going better. Love, T,K,&M

Madame said...

Yeah! What a beautiful child! We will be praying that he feels better soon. Enjoy your time together. Pretend like you're on a short "honeymoon." As you say, only one chance at the area. Can't wait to see Turat (even though I know it will be several weeks). Love, Alice and Wally

TheJohnson5 said...

Yeah! We are looking forward to seeing you all. The boys are anxious to meet their new cousin. Finally a boy to play with!! We are praying for Turat's health and for your safe return.

See ya soon, Dan, Hollie and boys