Friday, January 18, 2008

Visit to the Doctors!

We took Andrew to the Dr. today. He was putting on quite the show for the Dr. and her nurse. They seemed very surprised on how well he has adjusted to his new environment. He of course cried when they took his blood and when they were digging the ear wax from his ear, but he stopped crying the instant I picked him up. Andrew weighed 12.33 pounds a week and a half ago when we had him at the SOS clinic in Kazakhstan. Today he weighs 13.67 lbs. I told Cain yesterday that I was pretty sure he gained some weight because I think his stomach is more rounder then before. The Dr. did a full examination on him and a few of the things we were concerned about don't seem to be much of a problem. We were told that he has a hernia but yet she couldn't find any sign of one. We also were told that he had a VSD but she could only hear a slight murmur in his heart. We will have another echo done on him in the future, but she felt that there was nothing much their to worry about. We are having him tested for other things so we should know more in the future. All in all Andrew is much more healthier then we ever thought he would be. Andrew seems to be adjusting more and more everyday. There are a few things we need to work on however, like letting me put him down to play by himself for more then a few minutes. He also struggles going to sleep, but once he is asleep he does pretty good. We are still working on adjusting his night and days. By 6:00 in the evening he is ready for bed so we have to work real hard to keep him up. He also doesn't like the car seat much. He has never been in a car seat until we got home, so I'm sure it is a shock to him that he has to stay strapped in there. He also still hates to take a bath so hopefully soon he will learn that the water is fun. Andrew does seem very happy when we interact with him, and his sisters still fight over him. God has really been with us through this time, and we thank God for our sweet little Andrew every day. Thank you for all the prayers through out this process!!!!!!

My train set is my favorite toy!

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