Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Second Day With Turat

I have to say last night was a bit tough. Turat woke up at least once an hour. I think Turat is quite confused of his surroundings and not feeling well doesn't help. We have a small crib next to our bed, and I would just tap his back and he would go back to sleep. Then this morning when he got up he was nothing but miserable. We have been able to get him to eat, but he has this thing where he puts his two fingers in his mouth, and when I'm feeding him he shoves his two fingers in his mouth between every bite. It makes quite a mess. Well then finally this afternoon we decided to put him in the crib and just leave him alone. He finally went to sleep, and he didn't move a finger for over 2 hours. Cain went to our embassy appointment here in Kyrgyzstan by himself since Turat is sick. While he was gone he had our facilitator call Turat's orphanage and get more information about him, since we seem to know nothing about how to make him happy. I guess what it comes down to is Turat is a loner and his favorite thing to do is play by himself. He goes to sleep on his own and entertains himself. Unfortunately, we are always trying to pacify him, where he just wants us to leave him alone. We are trying to put him down more, but at times nothing seems to make him happy. They assured us that in a week or so he would be adjusting better to us. The poor thing just can't seem to figure us out, and why he is in a different place. We got our embassy appointment in Kazakhstan moved up. We leave on Monday for Kazakhstan and our appointment is on Tuesday. They are saying we can leave earlier then what was originally planned, but we don't know if we can get the airline tickets changed. Tomorrow we are going to see more of Bishkek and do some shopping. Sunday we plan to go see the mountains. We hope Turat is up to it. This is are only chance to see his country. Keep praying for us. We just want Turat to be comfortable.


The Lehrs said...

Our hearts go out to you! Can't imagine being in a foreign country with a sick little one is any fun, but we trust God has a plan for all these things. We're praying like crazy that Turat will begin to feel better, and that you will be able to enjoy seeing some of his birthland in the time you have there. Thinking of and praying for you like crazy, T,K,&M

Kspicel said...

I watched the video of Turat. How CUTE !!! I bet you just want to eat him up. Im sorry he is not feeling well, I will be praying for a speedy recovery. I will also be praying that he bonds with you guys quickly and starts to feel the love that I know you already have for him.

Kim Spicel

Madame said...

Sure is a cutie! I hope he is MUCH better already!