Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shopping Meltdown!

Well I typed a nice long blog ,and I hit check spell and the whole thing disapeared. We get charged per minute at this hotel for the internet and since it is dial up everything takes forever. So this is going to be short but sweet. We went to the mall today, and we are always amazed at how moderinized everthing is in both countries we have been in. We recognize a lot of the brands that we see. Infact they are infactuated with our hollywood stars. Anyways we decided to go farther then the mall and we went to this big store that has 3 floors. Well Turat right then decided he wanted to eat lunch and he wasn't going to wait. We looked everywhere for somewhere to sit down but there wasn't anywhere. It was about 10 minutes to get back to the mall area where there was an area to sit down, but we knew he wouldn't wait that long. We saw some steps and dropped everything and started feeding him his lunch. People were just walking by and laughing at us. Overall we are very bored and we can't wait to get home. Turat seems to be getting use to us but now he just always wants to be held and he never wants us to leave his sight. We know he is just insecure and it will take time, but we hope he will adjust quickly when we get home, so we can get things done. It is taking everything out of Cain and I to keep him happy and content right now. I have been showing him pictures of his sisters each day from the book I made him. He just stares at them and touches the pictures. I think he will love his sisters. We are counting the days until we can come home. We are very home sick. Tomorrow is our embassy appointment and then we get to head out early Saturday morning. Pray all will go well!


Madame said...

Hope you have a good "touring" day today. If you can, get some Pepto Bismol (from the Pharmacy) or somethng like it. Your stomache ache may be worse. The flu is TERRIBLE here in the States. Just a "heads-up" from our experience. We'll be praying for all of you. The pictures are so awesome! Thank you.

danandging said...

We are praying for a safe and uneventful trip home! We are so excited for you to come home. We will try to wait for you to get settled before we come to see you!!
The Hunts!