Friday, January 11, 2008

USA Here We Come!

Well today Cain and I walked down the road here in Kazakhstan praising God that it was the last day we would have to walk down it. It is a beautiful country but nothing is like home. We miss home cooking, and being able to walk in our kitchen and fix what we want. We miss having our own bed, and being able to watch more then 1 channel of TV in English. We miss being able to hop in our own car and drive to where we need. We miss being able to understand what everyone around us is saying aside of each other, and most of all we miss our girls. I do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I haven't felt more fonder about my girls then I have this week. Sometimes you can take things for granted when you live day by day, but after this experience I am so fortunate for our home, and for the food we always have. I am also thankful for the way Americans drive, and for traffic laws. Little things like that you would never think to be thankful for. Andrew has been making little baby steps every day in connecting with us and with life. He has been understanding the purpose of toys more and taking less interested in staring at his own hands. He has been eating better, and I even got him to eat carrots with apples in it. Yuck!!! Sleep time can still be a challenge for him because he is afraid to fall asleep in fear of where we may go. We are building his trust a little bit more everyday. I feel things will get easier when we get home because he can adjust to one environment for awhile. Here we are always going to appointments or having to leave to get something to eat. Pray we have a safe journey home. I fear how Andrew will do flying for such a long period of time, in once again an environment he isn't use to. We will see you all when we get home!!!!!!!!!

I'm learning to play with toys now!!!

I fool mom and dad making think I'm an angel when I'm sleeping!!!!


Memaw and Pepaw said...

Dear Cain & Kim,

This is our third try to post something. The first time we went to make a change and it all disappeared. We were too tired to try again. The second time Mommy couldn't remember the password and I didn't have the time needed to change the password. So it looks like this may be our last chance to tell you how proud we are of the two of you. You have dedicated your lifes to make a difference for another human being. Not many are willing or can afford to do what you have done. You have opened your home and hearts to a child who will have the chance to know Christ as his Savior. To think that God trusts you so two much that he has placed in your control the life of one of his creations. Never forget that your family is the one and only family that He was willing to entrust Andrew to.

As for the girls, they have been great and have greatly missed the two of you. I know that they also long for life to get back to some form of normalcy. As for calling our new grandson by the name Andrew, that is just fine with us. Also we feel that if he takes on any of his daddy's appetite and appreciation for food, he will quickly grow to his accurate weight and height.

We can't wait to see the three of you (especially Andrew) and we will be waiting in anticipation at the airport.

Mom & Dad

Madame said...

Glad you will be home again soon. Wally and I both totally understand that feeling about "coming home." Being away from America is a huge eye-opener to the blessings of our homes, our families, our loved ones, our church. We realize that we should be thanking God frequently for things we look at every day! I'm sure "Andrew" is going to love his home and family!