Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trip to the Doctors!

Today Turat Andrew had his Dr.'s appointment at the SOS clinic. He was sound asleep when we got him there and when they called him back they had to prick his finger for the HIV test. He woak right up. I felt so bad. We met another American family while waiting in the waiting area that was adopting another little boy from Kyrgyzstan. They arrived on the same day as us and they are leaving around the same time as us. They were using another adoption agency however. It was wonderful to have a conversation with someone that understood everything we were saying. The food is starting to get to us. My stomach has been upset for some time now and I hope it doesn't get any worse. We can't wait to get back and eat something familiar to us. We decided that we will be coming home on schedule. It wasn't worth it to us to try to change our tickets for the sake of a day. We are leaving on Saturday morning from the hotel at 1:00am. We are going to be so tired and ready for some serious sleep when we get home. We pray that Turat Andrew will adjust to our schedule. We are going to try to keep him up some when we leave for the airport that morning. It could be a rough trip. Tomorrow we are going to go exploring on our own. That should be fun. We already ventured out on our own a little this afternoon and going to dinner without an intepretor is quite interesting. People here just laugh at us. I wont be able to post as many pictures as before. We have dial up at this hotel and it takes forever to do one picture.

View from our hotel room.


Jennifer Faust said...

Hi Kim, Cain & Turat. I am so amazed at what you are doing. (you have me so emotional with this blog!) Turat is so lucky to have the two of you as parents and I am proud to be friends with people that would go through so much to bring him into your family. All 5 of you will be that much better as a family together. I know you've wanted this for a long time. I hope Turat is doing better with his cough. I know it is so worrisome and you feel helpless but the doctors will fix him up in no time. You'll be home soon. I can't wait to meet Turat when you are all settled. Have fun exploring his country - I think that is a wonderful idea even though it is challenging.

Jen Faust.

The Lehrs said...

So glad you made it to Kazakhstan safely! Sounds like snow made it quite the adventure. I love how Turat is looking back to you and Cain, even when the doctor is holding him. That is a GREAT bonding sign. What wonderful progress he is making in just this short time! Oh, and he's doing that little professor eye brow thing again ... so cute! I hope Turat is feeling up to the exploration you mentioned. Seems like it's just freezing there! Keep warm!! Can't wait to give you all a big warm hug when you get back!! Love, T,K,&M