Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making a Change!

Cain and I have been agonizing over something since we got our son. When we got to the orphanage to pick him up we realized that everyone has been calling our son Andrew, not Turat. At this point he doesn't respond to Turat anymore. When we got the video of him he responded to his name, and that was one reason we wanted to keep it the same. We also didn't want to take the only thing he had left, from where he came from, away from him. So that is why we decided to leave his name alone. After having our son for a week, we are having a hard time calling him Turat. First of all he looks like an Andrew, and we feel he will fit in more with Andrew. He also seems to be a little more responsive to Andrew then Turat. We thought about it for several days and we decided that his name will stay the same legally Turat Andrew Stahnke, but we are going to start calling our son Andrew instead of Turat. We still love the name Turat, so it doesn't bother us if people still call him that, but for the two of us we are going to stay consistent with calling him Andrew. We thought we would share this change on our blog before we came home, so it wont confuse our son so much. On a different note, we had our embassy appointment today and everything went to plan. We met two more families that were adopting but they adopted from Kazakhstan. We then realized that we are all on the same flight back to the states. That should be interesting with three adopted babies on one plane. The other two families had boys one was 9 months, and the other one 10 months, and let me just say there boys looked so big compared to our Andrew. Andrew has some catching up to do when he gets home. Andrew is showing a little temper starting yesterday. He just starts throwing his arms around and starts kicking and doing this squealing. He must be feeling better now and his true colors are shining through. The one thing Cain and I can honestly say is he doesn't get his temper from either of us. I couldn't ever say that with our other girls!!! Andrew loves to be with little clothes on. They bundle them like you wouldn't believe in the orphanage, with layers of clothes, and I think he enjoys being free. In fact every time we bundle him up to go outside he throws the biggest fit. I wonder if he thinks he is back at the orphanage with all the layers on. Andrew has seemed to kick the majority of his cold but he still has a rattle in his chest area. The Dr. at the SOS clinic thought that could of been due to his VSD, so that we will find out when we get home. He just may have a hard time breathing in general, because on our video he was also having trouble breathing. One more final day here tomorrow and we are heading out. We are counting the hours!!!!!

I love that my mommy and daddy are going to call me Andrew now!

I love to be naked or almost naked!!

I love to look at pictures of my two beautiful sisters! I can't wait to meet them!


The Lehrs said...

If he likes "Andrew," we like Andrew!! Oh and what a smile!! That's the best smile photo yet. He is so cute! We hope you enjoy your last day in Central Asia. The return trip is just hours away now... we'll be praying & praying!
Love, T,K,&M

Susan said...

Hi Guys!!! What beautiful pictures you have posted on your blog! Andrew is such a sweet name and after all, he does still have Turat as his middle name which indeed keeps him connected to where he came from. He is an absolutely beautiful baby boy...what a sweetie :) We are so glad to hear (and read) that for the most part all has gone pretty well for you both as you have taken this journey. We'll be praying tonight for your safe journey home and although it will be a while until we meet Andrew, we're looking forward to it.

God Bless you both!
Adam and Susan Carver :)